Alpha application

The ALFA application represents a completely new way how to apply medical products with a very high impact on the mental and physical condition. The medical product is used during transition of brain wave levels from Theta to Alpha phase. Such application changes or increases the efficiency and duration of the medical product effect. Processes taking place in the human brain are still not satisfactorily mapped. The brain is the control center of the body. Thanks to our brain we think, feel, remember and also forget. At each moment countles bioelectric and biochemical process takes place. Those process govern everything in our bodies from simple activities like breathing to the most complex such as the hormonal balance regulation. At the same time the brain processes information from outside and inside of body using electrochemical process between neurons. Electromagnetic state in the brain cells and its aggregate state is reflected in the current state of body and mind. With unbalaced state neuron excitation does not difusse in accordance with excitating stimulus, which results in delayed reaction, feelings of failure, depression or stress. The electromagnetic state has also effect on memory and overall activity of human brain. Currently, the most common state is “Beta”, a condition when our brain is working at full capacity, usually in the frequencies 20 – 30 Hz (hertz). However nature has equipped us also with a higher degree of frequency, that is initiated in case of need of abrupt and stress situations.